Running the server

You can either run the server on your machine or you can use our publicly available playground server for testing purposes. If you use the public server keep in mind anyone can connect so don’t put any confidential/private data into the database :)

Public server

Public server is available at this endpoint:

Just follow the documentation for e.g. Node JS and play!

Using Docker

We’ve packed our PubSubSQL server in a lightweight Docker container - we don’t want you to bother with installation and dependencies. To start coding and using the server just follow next two steps.

We assume that you’re familiar with Docker and have its environment ready.

  1. Get the latest PubSubSQL image from DockerHub:

    shell $ docker pull pubsubsql/pss-server

  2. Start PubSubSQL container:

    shell $ docker run -t -p 7777:7777 pubsubsql/pss-server

You’re done and ready to rock, you can see PubSubSQL debug output in your terminal.

PubSubSQL is listening on DOCKER_HOST:7777.

### Running the latest binary release

Latest release for Linux, Windows and OSX is available for download here or just follow the instructions here:


curl -L -o pubsubsql-v1.2.0-darwin-amd64.tgz
tar xzvf pubsubsql-v1.2.0-darwin-amd64.tgz
cd pubsubsql-v1.2.0-darwin-amd64


curl -L -o pubsubsql-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.tgz
tar xzvf pubsubsql-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.tgz
cd pubsubsql-v1.2.0-linux-amd64


### Building from source

If you want to run the server locally and build it yourself you’ll need a functional Go environment, at least version 1.4.

  1. Once you’re set up just clone and build:

    shell $ go get

  2. You’re ready! Running the server is simple as

    shell $ pubsubsql

Connecting to the server

Once the server is up and running (or you want to use our public playground server), just follow the docs for your favorite language:

* [Node JS](/docs/nodejs.html)
* [Go](/docs/go.html)
* [Java](/docs/java.html)
* [.NET](/docs/dotNet.html)

Get in touch! @PubSubSQL